Polo Field: October & November Are Going To Be Awesome

I may have already spoiled some of the details about the Halloween Party, a new Puffle, and what appears to be related to Card-Jitsu Snow in this post of mine, however Polo Field has backed it up by saying October and November are going to be awesome months with the upcoming content.

I’m sure more will be revealed overtime, both by me and Club Penguin. Stay tuned, 2012 has been a great and fun year on Club Penguin and I’m sure Club Penguin will be wrapping things up with a bang.

26 thoughts on “Polo Field: October & November Are Going To Be Awesome

  1. WOO HOO! Maybe the new puffle is coming at halloween… I heard something about this years halloween having time travel? Maybe we go WAAAAAY into club penguins future (like thousands of years) and end up finding an awesome puffle to bring to the present club penguin with us. But it’s just a theory.

  2. liers. Operation blackout was supposed to already be here. CJ snow was supposed to come out almost a year ago. A new puffle shoulda came out at the Puffle Party. They can’t even do simple things like Puffle History Part 3. They always act like something huge is coming, but it never does. Sigh, why do I still play CP? They’re hopeless now. October/November is their last chance, otherwise, I’ll leave. :(

    Cp’s no longer fun. It’s the same ol’ parties and boring field ops every week.

    • You forgot server jumping which was meant to come out in October last year, then July this year, but still no sign of it. Also Arctic White hasnt come out yet! Although CP has let us be superheroes, fight dragons, tip the island, become puffles, dress as penguins, sail with rockhopper and many more stuff this year!

    • It is fun! They have to work on it. Puffle Part 3- Screenhog quit. Operation:blackout that was just an idea. Since card jistu snow is the last element it will be a big suprise!

  3. Whaa?? October I am liking. Hallowe’en is kinda creepy and I have nightmares but I love it and I can’t wait for next month. November I’m not so sure. CP always disappoint me in November, always Card-Jitsu stuff, why not something else for a change?! The only exception was the winter party 2009 which I loved. Why November and not December! DECEMBER HAS XMAS STUFF, WHY NOT SAVE THE COOL STUFF TILL CHRISTMAS WHEN IT MATTERS AND I LOVE IT!

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