On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 8

Note: This post was first written a year ago but has been rewritten with more content.

September 8th in Club Penguin History takes us back to two years, 2006 and 2011. In 2006 the Split Level Igloo (blue) was released. It cost 4,600 coins, a price that has never changed.

As for 2011, there were many more updates. Club Penguin was getting ready to release their Puffle Launch application for iOS so they added a login screen, a mobile apps page, and also released a Puffle Launch application trailer. The homepage was also updated to advertise the upcoming release of the app. (It was released on September 15th)

As for the updates in game, Club Penguin released the Balloon Bunch Pin in the Forest. The September 2011 Furniture Catalogue was also released with many Fair related items.

Club Penguin September 2011 Furniture Catalog

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  1. Hey guys! Remember there was a igloo location poll about to choose which would be the next? I think space won since the play space adventure is here! If underwater would have won, they could had passed the underwater adventure play, or volcano, secrets of bamboo forest or the ancient shadows play thingy from the card jitsu party, i dont remember the other one though although i hope the space location is EPIC, I don’t like the space dimension background so i hope they don’t do that and instead a different one

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