On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 4

Just like the 2010 Fall Fair being released on September 3rd in 2010, on September 4th in 2009, a year earlier, the 2009 Fall Fair party was unleashed to the Club Penguin island. Like usual for this party, Rockhopper arrived, however at first there was a bug where you could not access his ship. When trying to waddle onto it, you’d get an orange error message reading ‘Please exit your game before leaving the room” although it was fixed shortly after.

Rockhopper’s catalogue brought back the Winged Viking Helmet for all players to obtain and also featured the Gold Monocole, (160 coins) the Fuzzy Viking Hat, (300) coins and the Toy Giraffe, a furniture item, for 550 coins.

The clothing catalogue featured many new back to school items. There was one new hidden item, the Bow Tie.

As for the 2009 Fall Fair, a large majority of the decorations were the same as the 2008 Fall Fair, however there was some new decorations, new prizes, and the Puffle Circus made its first appearance at the Fair in 2009. The 2009 Fair was the first year Club Penguin started referring to it as The Fair instead of the Fall Fair.

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  1. Just a little correction, the aqua color was first in the August 2009 catalog.

    I remember this party. It was my first Fall Fair – and it was a TON of fun!

  2. I got a bug, when I tried to get Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet (In my old account), it said “Would you like udefined for undefined coins. You have 9254 coins”, then I clicked yes and it kept loading and never stopped loading, so the only way to stop that is to log out and login again. I will give you a picture when I go on CP again with my old account.

    – Omnom108

  3. Trainman, You did a mistake, it should be the September 2009 Penguin Style catalog since you mentioned The Fair 2009, and also, the new coloring vote, what did you mentioned about it? :s if you thought the Aqua color came on that catalog, well it came on the August 2009 catalog actually, also that Club Penguin re-named Fall Fair to The Fair ;)

  4. OK Trainman… I dunno is a terrible answer. My friends list is unable to load and I was wondering if yours is the same, if not what do you mean when you mentioned that your friends list does not work.

    Anyone else has a friends list problem?

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