On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 29

On this day in Club Penguin there were updates in 2006 and 2011. Starting with 2006, the ability to walk your Puffle on a leash around the island was added. A new pin was also hidden, the Telescope Pin. It was Club Penguin’s 15th pin and was at the Mountain. Skipping ahead to 2011, at the Fair new prizes were added to the booths. The Sundae Surprise and Balloonist Hat were added at the nonmember prize booth. At the member prize booth the Every Flavor Ice Cream, Unicycle, and Lemon Balloon were added. The Unicycle does do a special dance.

The 49th field op was also released, located in the Boiler Room next to the newspaper archives. (on the left) In 2011 Club Penguin also re-added the Official Annual 2012 Book and added the Card-Jitsu Handbook to unlock.

21 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 29

  1. hey train i just saw you at my igloo like a few minutes ago which was like 8:13 p.m. so yea how come you didn’t stay i said hi and stuff you just liked it which is awesome but the just left why please tell

  2. Hi Train!

    Just wondering how do you take a litte video/animation of your penguin/on club penguin like Saraapril does. I would ask her but she never replies to any of my comments. Please answer – Blue. :/

    • I use Camtasia Studio (a screen recorder) then when I record and edit if I want I chose the option to save it as a gif file.

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