Club Penguin Yearbook Quiz Cards First Look

The Club Penguin Yearbook Quiz Cards recently went on sale, and as soon as my friendĀ Pengumile realised this he ordered several packs and shared with me what they are all about. You can see my original post on the Yearbook Quiz Cards here.

Here is the collector’s binder you can order along with several of the packs. As you can see, it has the unlock items online symbol. Some codes unlock 100 coins while others unlock one item of your choice from the treasure book.

The yearbook quiz cards have categories for each party. On the back they have a picture which you put together like a puzzle.

An example completed card:

These are the different puzzles you can put together.

There are many different cards you collect. It does come with a checklist.

Here is an example card:

There are special mirror foil cards.

This is a special pop-up card that comes with the collector’s binder.

This is a card with the code:

This is the back of the code card. The white rectangle is where the code was but I covered it.

You can play a game with these cards.

Close up on the instructions:

These are the Puffle markers you use for the game mentioned above.

Finally, something odd. The regular single packets say 8 cards per packet…

…however the packs that come with the collector’s binder say 7 cards!

Yearbook Quiz Cards are only available in the United Kingdom.

33 thoughts on “Club Penguin Yearbook Quiz Cards First Look

  1. I get all excited…until I learn it’s only the U.K. You’re kidding, right? I want these (awkwardly enough) more than the Innocent Smoothie items, and they’re also only in the U.K.? D: These look so fun.

  2. Aah bummer, the code can hold either coins or Treasure Book code. Do you think there is a trick to help you notice if the code is a Treasure Book code or 1000 coins code? I was planning to buy some and give them away as they are cheap, but now :S

      • I asked you because you can detect CJ codes, as most start with CJ1 or Card Jitsu Water start with CJW, and stuff but nevermind.
        Wow only 100 coins? Even less worth it. The cards are cool though!

  3. OOH! OOH! I KNOW ABOUT THE 7 CARDS IN A BINDER AND 8 IN THE OTHER PACKETS (sorry about yelling there, got carried away) The binder cards DONT include code cards, and the regulars DO include code cards. Look at the ratios.

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