Club Penguin September 2012 Pay Day

While you may not have received yours yet since it usually takes a little bit of time for everyone to receive it, Club Penguin has once again sent out paychecks to all tour guides and Elite Penguin Force agents. The amount is what it always is – 250 as a tour guide and 350 as an EPF agent.

In my opinion it’d be cool if we got a raise each month – like an increase in 10 to 25 coins or something.

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin September 2012 Pay Day

  1. I don’t think raising money would be a good idea. If they raise money, there would eventually be like 1 thousand coins, and if this goes on and on and on, there would be like a million! A million is the maximum of coins, and if they need to keep raising it, Club Penguin may crash. The worst thing: There are already some rich penguins out there, so Club Penguin may crash way faster.

    • I’ll admit, I’ve used Coin cheater once. And maybe stamp cheater, also. I feel so ashamed. :( Whats the fun with getting stamps if you don’t even get to do the activities? :(

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