Club Penguin Magazine Issue 3 In Brazil

Club Penguin Magazine Issue 3 In Brazil

Good news for those of you living in Brazil – the third Club Penguin magazine issue is now available in stores in your country! It contains the following (in Portuguese)

  • Papel couchê. R$10,00. Lançamento oficial no dia 28
  • História em quadrinhos exclusiva especial EPF
  • Matéria sobre as 10 maiores invenções do Gary
  • Desafios e uma nova missão do Agente Secreto
  • 1000 moedas de bônus para todos os leitores
  • Código para 1 item do Livro dos Tesouros
  • Código para o Traje Especial de Espião
  • O mistério do Puffle Dourado e outros famosos

English Translation:

  • Costs $10 (in Portuguese money) and is available starting September 28th
  • Exclusive EPF comics
  • Lists top 10 inventions from Gary
  • Secret Agent articles
  • Code for 1,000 coins
  • Code to unlock 1 Treasure Book item
  • Code for Spy Suit
  • Article on the Mystery of the Golden Puffle

Thanks @RafaelCP989!

11 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 3 In Brazil

  1. Trainman, I have a topic suggestion to discuss about. It is on “Parties”
    The items at the member fair booth are rather newer, and the non member booth has items from a long time ago! Its not fair to non members to have to “recive” old items that many of them already have! I think CP is trying to convince non members to become members by giving out EXTREMELY outdated items in the non member prize booth. Tell me what you think,

    • I don’t post magazine codes unless they’re on Disney’s site since you need to buy the magazine for them. Thanks though. :)

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