A Few Things To Point Out In Club Penguin’s New Video

As I posted about this morning, Club Penguin released the Anchors Aweigh Music Video Since then a few things have been pointed out in the Club Penguin community, and I noticed something too.

When the video was first uploaded, it said it was the seventh Club Penguin short (Season 1, Episode 7).

However, it was later changed to being Season 1, Episode 6. Without a doubt Club Penguin will be making more animated short in the future, or will we have a new one soon? It could have easily been a typo, but it’s just something I noticed…

Some think this is Rockhopper Island. What do you think?

Finally, there are some slight Penguin Band outfit differences.


Here is what Club Penguin said about it:

15 thoughts on “A Few Things To Point Out In Club Penguin’s New Video

  1. ‘They’re just wearing different outfits’ LOL so all these mascots outfits NEVER change and then randomly the Penguin Band change for this video. #MoreLikeAnError

  2. It be Rockhopper Island! It did not appear in the short about rh and the squid so why in this video ye may ask, well, when they sing ‘lets leave today for rockhopper island’ it appears! Could ye rumours be true? Time will tell me hearties! BTW Im not rockhopper

  3. When they said they changed thier clothes, I think they were talking to a ‘OLD PENGUIN BAND IS BETTER DISNEY SUCK’ kind of person.

    • I hate people who think Disney suck, because they probably weren’t even there when Disney didn’t own CP. SHOUT OUT TO CP: KEEP DISNEY AND NEW CP! OLD CP WAS BORING AND NO WHITE ORANGE BROWN OR YELLOW PUFFLES OR NEW FUN PARTIES AND ROOMS!

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