Club Penguin Smoothie Smash Game & Stamps Cheats

Smoothie Smash is now out in the Coffee Shop! The game itself is located in the bottom left corner of the Coffee Shop. This is the second game located in the Coffee Shop room. Here is the main splash screen. There are two modes. Normal and survival. You can also access the directions.

Your controls are your arrow keys. Up is to move upward (although you bounce) left is to go left, right is right, and down is down. Hold down the down key to go down faster. You can get combos by following the recipes. In survival mode you try to smash as much fruit as you can without getting hit by an obstacle or the conveyor belt.

The recipe you need to make for the smoothie is in the bottom centre. This is in normal mode.

Fruits with white around them are the current fruit you need to smash to keep your combo/make the recipe correctly.

Your health metre is in the bottom right.

The penguin ordering is at the bottom left.

A timer with the amount of time left is at the top centre.

There are obstacles that effect your health such as the anvil.

Basically, you bounce around on the fruit to smash it. Make it in the correct order for smoothies. In survival mode you just bounce on as much fruit as possible without hitting an obstacle. Don’t lane on the conveyor belt, either!

As for the stamps, there are 16. Everyone can unlock them all.

Fruit Squeeze – Complete 5 recipes in one game
Shipshake – Serve Rockhopper
Berry Smart – Serve Aunt Arctic
Beary Berry – Serve Herbert
Tasty Treat – Complete 10 recipes in one game
Fruit Splatter – Smash 10 correct fruit in a row
Fruit Power – Last 2 minutes in survival mode
Deflector – Take no damage for 2 minutes in survival mode
Energizer – Complete 20 recipes in one game
Fruit Stomper – Smash 20 correct fruit in a row
Smoothie Warrior – Last 4 minutes in survival mode
Smoothie Survivor – Take no damage for 3 mins in survival mode
Smoothie Zing – Complete 30 recipes in one game
Fruit Smasher – Smash 50 correct fruit in one game
Smoothie Master – Last 8 minutes in survival mode
Smoothie Hero – Take no damage for 4 mins in survival mode

How do you like the game? I think it’s a lot of fun and I am glad nothing in it is members only.

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16 thoughts on “Club Penguin Smoothie Smash Game & Stamps Cheats

  1. I got all the stamps for this game on opening night. I got to say, its easily one of my favorite games. It was a cute, and fun experience, and a nice balanced challenge…not a hair pulling/Make you feel like throwing computer across wall challenge like Puffle Launch or Surfing Survival mode.

  2. I agree with the everything being non-member. FINALLY Club Penguin figures out there will be new players if they get more stuff for free. And, now we know the sneak peek of Herbert drinking a smoothie. If you serve him, you see him.

  3. Hey train, for games like Smoothie Smash that use the arrow keys, it gets all glitched and thinks I’m holding the arrow key when I’m not. So say I press left, then I try to go right, I am not really moving, because it thinks I’m pressing left and right. Does this ever happen to you? You can see it clearly on Aqua Grabber and Puffle Launch. I know it’s CP and not my computer, because I tested it on 3 computers and it always does it. Earning these stamps will be tricky cause of this.

    • It has happen to me too. I know it is not mine either because it happens when I have my hands off the computer. (I use google chrome) I use internet explorer when that is not working.

    • My penguin does that too! Another glitch is that when I press the down button the whole browser scrolls down instead of the penguin!

    • The down and up page thing happens on a few websites that I like to call “not glued”. If the page is “glued” up and down arrows don’t do anything. If it’s not “glued” the page will move. Club Penguin isn’t “glued” so it does that.

    • Train, I fixed it. You were right, it was the browser. I got Firefox and it works on it now. But walking around is very laggy… Oh well, now to earn those stamps.

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