Issue 8 of Club Penguin’s Magazine Released – Is PH Coming Next Month?

Once again my friend Bloxxerman has provided me with the table of contents on the new Club Penguin magazine issue that was released in the United Kingdom today.

It advertises the Temple of Fruit.

Here’s what this magazine issue contains:

  • Flipperazzi: Aunt Arctic
  • Puffle of the Month: White Puffle
  • C.P.T.V.
  • Fashion 4 U: Flavour Flave!
  • Invitation: Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit (pictured above)
  • Penguin Comic: Castaway featuring Alaska and Yukon
  • Cadence’s Catwalk: Clowning Around!
  • Penguin Profile: Rookie
  • Mini Game Masterclass #1: Catchin’ Waves
  • Penguin Challenge: Rookie’s Summer Splash
  • CP Goes Bananas! (About the Innocent Smoothies stuff)
  • Cool Cribs: Totally Tropical
  • Posters
  • Competition
  • Penguin Mission: Ocean Adventure
  • Penguin Challenge: Yarr’s Treasure Trail
  • Penguin Comic: I Sea Monsters!
  • Ask Aunt Arctic
  • VIP: Icy 29522

The next issue, coming out September 20th, is a Puffle special.

  • Free EPF Spy Message Kit, Elite Body Armour, and Treasure Book item (see sneak peek below)
  • Pied piper of puffles!
  • Meet PH!
  • Puffle puzzles!
  • Puffles and more puffles!
  • Did we mention puffles?
  • Out 20th September

Sneak Peek:

Now, just a thought. Rockhopper (usually) visits Club Penguin every 2 to 3 months. Usually he visits during the Fall Fair, but this year it wouldn’t make sense for him to leave and sail back a week or two later.

So maybe PH will be the mascot next month? It’s just a thought. She visits at Puffle events like the Puffle Party. What does the fair party have? The Puffle Circus. Next month’s issue is a Puffle issue, and it also comes out later in the month – usually when parties start. (The Fair last year started on September 22nd)

So what do you think? Maybe the Puffle Handler will be making an appearance next month?

66 thoughts on “Issue 8 of Club Penguin’s Magazine Released – Is PH Coming Next Month?

  1. I think that’ll Rookie will come next month, as you’ve worked out he is going to have a new background. Also, Rookie seems like a wacky character who would love to drees up as a cow or even dress up as a clown. :) What do you think?

  2. Hmm since this all of this puffle issues. Maybe the next puffle will come out during the Fall Fair 2012. It will maybe be Gray or Hot Pink. What do you think?

    • Hmm, it does make sense. He could be wearing a clown outfit! Now that would be the most hilarious thing ever. (next to rockhopper without his hat, but that was just disturbing, and I don’t mean in a comic or animation, I mean when you actually meet him)

    • Yeah maybe p.h. Could be coming to the anavesary party or the Halloween-
      PUFFLE – party? She could be in the fair and rookie could be coming for one of the first two.

  3. Hi Train. You remember a few weeks back I told you I was going to get some Innocent smoothie codes, even though I live in the US and I wasn’t going to UK? Well, I got them. I think I broke a record. “CP member that lives in the US and has the most UK items”. Seriously, I got ALL the magazines, and now ALL of the smoothie prizes. Just a fun fact I wanted to let you know. (and to anyone else reading, do NOT ask for a code, it was hard enough to get 16 for me and my bro)

    • Train, if you look in the treasure book, there’s always items that are related to the parties that are coming in the few moths after the book’s release (blueberry bunny costume for easter party, yellow wheeler for the fair, dubstep puffle t-shirt for the music jam). In the current treasure book, there are puffle items (puffle scuffle jacket, rainbow puffle t-shirt) which would tie into your whole puffle-themed fair theory.Also, there is the agent robot bodysuit thing which could be fore operation blackout!

    • My dad has a second cousin who has a brother that lives in the UK. So I was able to get codes from him. (although I just order the magazines online)

  4. This years new puffle. Its this years new puffle i bet you all the money i made mowing lawns today (100 dollars) that its this years new puffle. Heres my theory

    Theory: OPeration: Blackout might come next month ,its possible we will find a brand new puffle during the mission.

    Remaining Puffle Rumors That They Havent Used Yet: Grey puffle ,Golden Puffle ,Hot Pink Puffle ,Meteor Puffle ,Abominable Snow Puffle ,Rainbow Puffle ,Candy Puffle and i’m pretty sure i heard a rumor about an Elemental Puffle.

    What My Theory Is Based On: True. It is a puffle special. But… It has an overload of EPF content as well ,a real life EPF messsage kit ,EPF gear for in game ,alot of elite penguin force content ,and look from the looks of the three zero’s on next issues cover ,their giving more coins than usual. It HAS to be an extremely special event ,like superhero takeover or ultimate jam. Their level of specialty.

  5. the treasure book has items related to the parties that occur in the few months after the book’s release (dubstep puffle for ultimate jam, yellow wheeler for the fair, blueberry bunny costume for easter egg hunt, etc etc etc) and the current treasure book has puffle items (puffle scuffle jacket, rainbow striped puffle shirt) which would make sense if puffle handler hosted the fair! ash train you’re a GENIUS

  6. Hmm, PH coming next month? Looks like The Fair might come back since the only puffle thing is the Great Puffle Circus, so she may come because of that, and maybe The Fair theme would be about puffles, last year was about farm and that stuff, but about Rookie, i thought it might come during the Dimension Expedition next month and i thought there would be no Fair Party, still i dont know, probably BOTH stuff might come next month, and in October, we might have the Blackout instead of another storm, and in November, Card Jitsu Snow AND Card Jitsu Shadow, still i am confused so i dont really know, i should say BOTH stuff, Dimension Expedition and The Fair should come next month, if not, then the Dimension Expedition should be in January i guess, there is only less than 30 days left to see what might happen…

  7. If you want UK Club penguin things (innocent smoothies, CP magazines) but you live in a different country, there still is a way to get them! Go to!

  8. I think rookie and ph are coming to fall fair…that would make more sense…or that puffle issue is just a bunch of baloney where they just talk about puffles and meeting ph at puffle party

  9. These are the things that are going to happen: PH at Fall Fair (Hot Pink Puffle), October: Blackout with Shadow Ninjas, November: Card Jitsu Snow, January 2013: Dimension Expedition(?). Hope this helps!

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