Club Penguin Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Sneak Peek Video

After working on this video for some time, the Club Penguin Team has released their sneak peek video of the Temple of Fruit Adventure Party. It’s really short and you see Happy77 waddle around the regular rooms and also the special party rooms. From what I saw in the video, the party looks rather promising. What do you think?

17 thoughts on “Club Penguin Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Sneak Peek Video

  1. Yes ! I was right about the new grass skirt :D the picture i posted on my blog post yesterday is the new grass skirt :D

  2. I wish I can meet rock hopper again so I can add him and add and meet rookie!thx Trainman for this video(thx cp also) and I also wanted the hula skirt…

  3. Train, I know this might be late but as I was looking at the party rooms sneak peeks (of the Innocent Smoothies website on… the Coffee Shop was most interesting. It looks like what we’re looking at MAY be the permanent redesign of the Coffee Shop as it looks normal – but different and with the new game.
    Also the best part: look at the penguin and puffle avatar. Is that a redesign of the penguin avatar I see? It’s more 3Dish!

  4. So we get chased by a giant watermelon rather than a giant cherry! WHY IS IT CHERRIES AND WATERMELONS ALWAYS, WHY NOT ORANGES!

  5. trainman the party is cool and i wanted to know if what happens when you get hit by one of the balls flying or the rolling watermellon does it make you start again or makes you penguin die

  6. Hey Train! The tunnel where you’re going to be chased by a watermelon is the first picture in the What’s new this August which was posted by Billybob a week ago. :)

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