Club Penguin Adventure Party 2012 Temple of Fruit Rooms Sneak Peek

Here are some room images of the upcoming Adventure Party, with the Temple of Fruit nickname.

The Cove:

The Dance Club:

The Dock:

The Forest: (is that an Apple Pin)

The Snow Forts:

Inside the Snow Forts room: (note the dates)

The top of that room: (appease the volcano?)

Party logo:


39 thoughts on “Club Penguin Adventure Party 2012 Temple of Fruit Rooms Sneak Peek

  1. I think its for a scavenger hunt cause there’s a watermelon looking pin as the dock and the pineapple At the beach… And what’s that free item?!?

    • If you find the pineapple at the cove you might be able to enter to pineapple door, if you find the apple at the forest you can go into the apple door and if you find the watermelon at the dock you can enter the watermelon door. The doors are all at the Snow Forts. And you can see the Smoothie Smash Game in some rooms!

  2. I know the pictures say, don’t copy. Can I use these pics on my blog? I ALWAYS give credit to you just like you do when I give you something (like them links back in October XD) I will say Thanks to Trainman1405. Click here to check out his epic website. :)

  3. Trainman, I think there are many freebies for this party. There is a red,yellow,green headdresses. And hey! The penguin in the first picture wears a red headgear! :) And there’s a tablet like at the Dock, Forest and Cove. :) Waddle On!

  4. Ugh. I wrote a huge message to you, but it got deleted somehow, so I’m going to shorten it. There will be 5 free items for nonmembers: banana headdress, apple headdress, grape headdress, watermelon headdress, and pineapple headdress. There possibly could be a pear headdress. You can see some of these headdresses in the apple, banana, and watermelon rooms in boxes. The headdresses look like the Indian headdress in the treasure book. Members can get the apple, watermelon, banana, grape, and pineapple indian belt (like the one in the treasure book). You can see two of these in the first pic. They may be unlocked from the volcano. In total, there will be be 10 free items that you can wear, and maybe 5 pins (a pin for each fruit mentioned). And yes, the message I wrote before was bigger and more detailed. Sorry for rushing this one.

  5. It would be a great if some sort of lei came out at this party for everyone (New or old). the Hula dancing would liven the ritual at the volcano. ;D

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