Club Penguin Mascot Trackers July 2012

Cadence, Rocky, and CeCe are all waddling around the island! The Penguin Band is not meetable, however you can get their stamp when they perform. Below are all the neededmascot trackers.

Here is Rocky’s current location:

Rocky Tracker 2012

Here is CeCe’s current location:

CeCe Tracker 2012

Here is Cadence’s current location:

Cadence Tracker 2012

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51 thoughts on “Club Penguin Mascot Trackers July 2012

  1. I can’t ever find a tracker where people actually help me track… I thought that you made a tracking team train?

  2. Hi Trainman1405 :) I would like to thank you for having me on your blogroll, it is really an honor, I like coming to this website and seeing Club Penguin Memories, hey and do you remember that Survival Guide to Club Penguin? It has some quite nice tips! :)

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)

  3. No one ever goes to this chat, so I end up in ones where there are really impatient and inappropriate people.

  4. Tracked the pb but then when I met them (for 1 min) they left :( but i saw a funny thing.
    G Billy: LOL Franky’s a pookie!
    Franky: :O
    G Billy: :P
    Franky: I am not! XD
    G Billy: LOL

    • Does that mean that they arent bots this time but ACTUAL PEOPLE?! No wonder it’s hard to find them… THIS IS SO AWESOME!

    • Last year I met them G. Billy and Petey K. and they were at the Battle of the bands! G Billy was blue and petey k was red and g billy asked petey to fart (et) to make more noise but it was a joke and petey k got angry! They said sorry though

  5. YAY! I’VE MET ALL THE PENGUIN BAND! Albeit, I met them all on French or Portugese servers, but I MET THEM! Train, what mascots have you met?

    Also, have you uncovered ids for any new stamps for that game coming next month, The Drum?

  6. Heyy Train!

    This is random but have you heard the “I like trains” song? Its funny… and you’ll like it cause you like trains ;D

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