Club Penguin Unreleased Item Pictures

Here are pictures of eight unreleased Club Penguin items. Special thanks to Gpumpkin for giving me a little bit of help.

The Blackbird:

The Step Up:

Stand Out Outfit:

Green Scene Jacket:

Gold Bling Bracelet:

Sweet Spikester Cuffs:

Golden Shiny Shoes:

Purple Sneakers:

If I made any mistakes let me know, I am in a rush and had to quickly go through the Treasure Book and Clothing Catalogue to make sure these are indeed not released. I’ll also remove the black background from the images asap.

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Unreleased Item Pictures

  1. I feel like these might be in a catalog at the party.. Also I think that there’s going to be a non members catalog at the party too..

    • you mean like last year when they had a booth of clothes you can buy? but i dont think theres going to be a non member catalog, usually there isnt :( i have a membership anyways though

  2. Well there’s a bunch of those Nonmember items nonmembers can unlock for coins which is also unusual..

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