Club Penguin Ultimate Jam Day 4 Challenge

The fourth and final challenge is now out for some penguins including mine. Day four is for members only.

You start out by collecting the Golden Microphone item.

Wear the Golden Microphone and dance on the gold squares at the Forest, Cove, and Mine Shack.

You will then get the Gold Star.

You will also get the Hip Hop Hoodie.

You’re now a superstar!

18 thoughts on “Club Penguin Ultimate Jam Day 4 Challenge

  1. Train, I just met Rocky and Cece, and almost everything they said wasn’t in their messages! I really do think Zendaya and Bella are controlling them, CP team would probably use the messages. I told Cece that she should get a pink puffle, and she was like “Do pink puffles dance” and then she started going on about purple puffles, but NONE of it was in the messages. So what do you think?

    • I know, I was just saying that the CP team would normally use the messages and that Zendaya and Bella would probably not.

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