20 thoughts on “Club Penguin Ultimate Jam 2012 Plaza Image

    • umm thats not summer party and the summer party WILL NEVER RETURNN!!
      and the palm trees are in cool citys with lights. and some times they just put alot. and then looks like a beach but its NOT.

  1. awesome ! i cant wait to earn the golden microphone :) and to meet rocky and cece and cadence and the penguin band :D

    • I know! I never doubted this party. ever. It just changed it’s name and added 2 new mascots?! Change is a good thing! I’m so excited

  2. I hope they had a nonmember catalog like they did to the marvel super hero takeover in the gift shop and I hope the make your mark ultimate jam 2012 party has a nonmember catalog like they did one month ago.

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