Club Penguin Ultimate Jam 2012 Information Roundup

By / July 18, 2012

Here is everything I know about the party. The Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam 2012 party, formerly known as the Music Jam is set to debut in just a few hours from now. The last day of the party is August 1st, two weeks from now.

It all started with me finding out that Rocky and CeCe, characters from the hit Disney television show ‘Shake It Up’, were going to be at this party. This happened a month ago, and since then there has been lots of information and pictures hitting the web each week. Rocky and CeCe will have a single background to give out, but no stamp according to Club Penguin. Cadence will have a new background than the one she is currently giving out. I do not know about the Penguin Band but I think theirs is going to stay what it is. Here is Rocky and CeCe’s playercards as well as Cadence’s:

As for Cadence having a new background, I say this because several weeks ago Club Penguin changed the background ID to a new unreleased one, but because it was not out it came up as undefined. They since changed it back to a released background. Once the party starts I believe then you can get her new background.

Rocky and CeCe’s background:

Here is a combination of rooms and items.


The login and log off screen in the bottom right corner shows a glimpse of a room and items.

The Club Penguin Homepage shows some unreleased items.

Dance Club:


The Ski Village shows that the Casa Fiesta is returning:

Special party room (or possibly the Stage):

The Cove:

The Beach:

The Ultimate Jam Page also has a few room thumbnail sneak peek images.

You can also get a general idea as to what other rooms look like via its construction.

Other miscellaneous information:

  • You can complete the Daily Challenge to unlock the rare Golden Microphone
  • There will be the VIP Backstage like usual
  • Cadence will be performing The Party Starts Now at the Stadium
  • The Rooftop will be returning
  • There will most likely be a Purple Boombox at the party
  • You can read Cadence’s, Rocky’s, and CeCe’s prewritten safe chat messages here
  • Dubstep Puffle will probably be at the party
  • Zendaya and Bella, the actors that play Rocky and CeCe, will help Club Penguin control the mascots!
  • There will be outfits inspired by Rocky and CeCe
  • There will be new igloo music
  • Players can get up on stage and perform solo dance routines or find a group of friends and dance together
  • At least one new item will have a dance
  • Players can help coach and improve other performances.
  • Camera-savvy penguins can film shows and performances.
  • Players can become make-up artists and help performers get stage-ready.

I apologise I don’t know more information such as item names. I’m also sorry if this seems rushed and that it is rather late. Next month for the Fruit Party I shouldn’t have this problem.

Check back later for the party cheats!

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This party looks like its going to be a very good one!



This party is going to be a very good one!



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