‘Shake It Up’ To Be On Club Penguin Soon, Igloo Liking Feature on the Way?

An interesting addition to Club Penguin’s Mascot File now lists two new mascots by the names of Rocky and CeCe. As mentioned to me on Twitter by @MexboyBee these are the characters of Shake It Up, a TV show on Disney Channel. I don’t think this is coincidental. Could they be penguin-ised for the Music Jam, next month’s party? It does involve dancing, and that’s what Shake It Up is about…

Rocky and Cece - Shake It Up

Rocky and CeCe

Also, Club Penguin added this string to their game file. Could a feature to like igloos like you can with things on Facebook be on the way?

Finally, Club Penguin renamed the Sky Kingdom  room to Skypath Mountain. I wonder why?

60 thoughts on “‘Shake It Up’ To Be On Club Penguin Soon, Igloo Liking Feature on the Way?

  1. THIS IS SO AWFUL! I HATE SHAKE IT UP! Also, I’ve got an idea for your site! You should do some football playercards for your banner and some football-site background, because tommorow the EURO 2012 starts.

  2. i think they just want their permission to add their background music to the igloo music list. honestly (and yes im a boy dont laugh) i would like this feature since i watch the show myself

  3. This… seems…. actually, pretty cool. I can’t wait to meet them, actually! Btw, the paper has been removed from the iron man cowl , idk bout other items.

  4. Hmm, shake it up on cp? Could that mean if, even if there teens, they do play club penguin? I dont know though, i watch the show (please don’t laugh) and it may be likely great, but if there will appear during the music jam, then what will happen to cadence? And i remember one day, i saw a comment that someone commented on a youtube video that, disney may transfer their shows to the game club penguin, like “shake it up” at the nightclub, “kickin’ it” at the dojo (Probably this november), “suite life on deck with zack and cody” at the beach, “pair of kings” at the forest and i think another show but i don’t remember, idk if its true but if cece and rocky plays cp, then that would be great!

    • It would make sense actually since Disney bought marvel, marvel belongs to disney and we have the super hero part due to that, and also, skypath path? Are we having that same thing that is almost the same that we had in august 2010 and 2011? the mountain expedition and the great snow race? If it is, then im dissappointed since i want the penguin games in august! not great snow race, although i liked the great snow race, but not the mountain expedition, the penguin games are WAAAAY better!

    • Call them and tell them No, Thats what i did. P.S Trainman, I seed I herd roomers so I didn’t say where I got the info, I would never rat u out!

  5. Oh god no! Club Penguin is being REALLY stupid about this, Its bad enuff that they got to the MARVEL.CO, Club Penguin should just be “Club Penguin”! if cp wants more disney, make a Club Penguin TV show! just dont rune the online experience.

  6. Lol, I didn’t see this post when I posted the comment about this. This is cool yet weird to me. I wish they would be promoting another show, like Phineas and Ferb or Good Luck Charlie. But this will be interesting…

  7. It’s cool CP is now getting related to real life, it’ll be cool if we can hear DISNEY MUSIC in CP also :) I’m not a fan of this show but I think it’ll be cool xD. But everything will be the same guys! PB and Cadence will be also there is Music Jam! They can’t remove the principal characters, they’re just gonna add some more stuff, don’t worry everything :)

    PS. Did you remember last time you told Protobot had a penguin ID maybe He is coming to this party as a meetable character, because of the newspaper in there he says that he’ll be in the villian command room to meet other villians. You should check more about this !

  8. Ugh, I hope they don’t. I think all those “real people” shows on Disney are terrible, including Pair of Kings (Funny thing, the guy that plays Lanny went to my middle school).

  9. If I’m honest this kind of bothers me, I quite like the idea of the Marvel Superhero Takeover and such though. I just think Disney should only promote things that are kind of like different branches of Disney (e.g Marvel, Pixar, etc, etc). This kind of stuff ruins the experience so I hope this doesn’t happen! PLEASE DISNEY, NO!


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