Marvel Party “Extended”, Meet Aunt Arctic on June 29th (OVER!)

There is a new video by Club Penguin from the Australian team highlighting two things. I’ll start with the second thing they talk about – like they have done previously, they are giving you the chance to meet Aunt Arctic this Friday, June 29th. It’ll take place in the server Deep Freeze at three different times. 4PM Australian Eastern Standard Time, 4 PM Pacific Time (Penguin Standard Time), and 4 PM British Summer Time. If you need help with a time zone conversion I recommend you email Club Penguin as they’ll definitely know for sure, as the times I give are accidentally incorrect here and there. I know for Eastern Time (such as New York, Florida, Maine, etc) there’s 11 AM and 7 PM when converted to that time zone.

The second one is the announcement that Club Penguin has extended the Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party. The thing is, a while ago I knew it was going to end on June 27th originally, but shortly after (about two weeks before the party started) I heard it was going to end on July 4th. because of this I do not know if they mean the party is ending on July 4th as I originally knew or if it ends on July 11th, a week after that. I think it’ll be on the 4th of July as originally planned.

32 thoughts on “Marvel Party “Extended”, Meet Aunt Arctic on June 29th (OVER!)

  1. Maybe the party will end on the 4th of July because they said there will be FIREWORKS so I guess that will go with the American 4th of July Holiday since in the past years they had that so they are doing FIREWORKS again:D

  2. Hey trainman, i got a idea for you’re aweosme cp blog ( cp memories )
    Could u try to add the Clubpenguin Time ( PST ) clock to you’re website under or above the Aunt Arctic tracker ? or somewhere on that part this website :)
    And maybe to solve all time issues around the world, maybe a world clock xd im just sending u my ideas xd :)

    Waddle on everyone :)

  3. I HATE THE MARVEL PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT TILL ITS GOING TO END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS WAS TO LONG!!!!!!!!!!

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