Disney Channel: Game On – Marvel Super Hero Takeover Starting June 14!

Here is Club Penguin’s latest commercial! It’s about the Marvel Super Hero Takeover, starting June 14th. It’s a Game On segment – did they rebrand Get Connected or is this something new? You can see some more rooms in this video as well as learn some important information.

Two quick things to point out:

  • There is now a yellow friend ring around penguins
  • Wow, the penguin has 998,250 coins! I bet that took a while to earn. Or maybe they just added it to their penguin…

42 thoughts on “Disney Channel: Game On – Marvel Super Hero Takeover Starting June 14!

  1. Hey Trainman, Just to let u know the Black Hoodies got darker so there not Gray anymore. Look into it. -Mattie599

  2. The yellow Ring is four your best friends and in media 1 they let you have many coins! Also rocky and cece Are not in the mascot files anymore!

    • Interesting… speaking of Rocky and Cece, which are owned by Disney, (No offense to Saraapril, but) Club Penguin’s parties are decided by Club Penguin, not disney. Disney is ruining nothing on Club Penguin. The reason they are using these ads is because Lane (He agreed to work with Disney) is a big fan of Disney. He used to work at one of the parks. I am trying to get my point out, and some of this info might be wrong, but all I know is that Lane (BillyBob) was the one who agreed to work with Disney. Thanks for your time!


  3. LOL a penguin standing there just saying “this is a great place to rob” he is practicly asking for some heros to kick his butt. I cant wait for this party I CAN FINALLY BE IRON MAN! IRON PENGUIN AWAY

  4. trainman, i just noticed that at 0:28 u can see the Bank and in the safe ( the place where all the coins are ) , u can see a item with FREE above it ! Its a Money Bag !! :D awesome xd

    So free items already seen and confirmed ?

    1. Gift Shop Free item ( idk what it is but il keep searching for the answer )

    2.Downtown in the Bank, u can pick up a money Bag

    3.At the coffee shop u can pick up a free penguin playercard background by using that camera.

    I will stay looking for other free items, but for now im gonna try to find out what the name of that item is in the Gift Shop :)

    Waddle on ;)

  5. Free bags of money, a mining helmet (bleh, you can get it at the Mine Cave) and the CPT in the Book Room. I’m already excited for this party. This and the Rockhopper’s Quest have been my favorites of 2012.

    • I haven’t forgotten. School is out but I’m briefly catching up on a few things (why I haven’t been able to post the EPF message and stuff) but I’ve decided to hold it next weekend – post will be out with the details in a few days.

    • Ok trainman, oh and by the way, i make the, you know, the “new” mascots from shake it up coming in cp next month in my blog but i gave you credit and same with Saraapril, sorry if i didn’t asked for permission though.

  6. Hey Trainman, I noticed that in the top right hand corner you can see a blue badge with a star in the middle. Any idea what it is?

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