Puffle Trouble Video Released: Free Code + Homepage Updated

While some penguins already saw it on Disney Channel, Club Penguin has uploaded the full length video to YouTube and Kaltura, the video platform they use for videos on the official Club Penguin Blog.

I think the video is self explanatory. Watch the whole thing to see what Herbert does!

At the end there is a free code – EPFAGENT.

This is the head item it unlocks:

Finally, the homepage is updated and advertises the video.

The following page has been updated:

8 thoughts on “Puffle Trouble Video Released: Free Code + Homepage Updated

  1. hey trainman, do u know what that thing is behing Herbert ?
    On the cp homepage u can see Herbert, but under that button ( under his paws ) u can see in the water sometinge that i didn’t see before .
    U can see sometinge that looks like a stick, maybe its it a part of the Hydro hopper ?

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