Nonmembers Can Now Get The First Knight’s Quests Items

As you probably realised, if you are a nonmember and try to get the items from the first knight’s quest, you cannot – it says they are for members. However, that bug has been fixed and you can now get them. If you haven’t already, be sure to at some point within the next week before the party is over!

Here it is in the inventory, showing that is indeed in a nonmember’s inventory:

13 thoughts on “Nonmembers Can Now Get The First Knight’s Quests Items

    • if this is not a bug then i think that this party is the BEST medieval party EVER !! :D i love those free items

    • hey, its awesome ! The battle cape ( a blue cape that u can find on that bridge ( a party room ) is now for non members ! :D if u dont believe me, check out my playercard :D and i cant wear the noble helmet, I click on it butnothing happens

      • Yeah idk why they made it nonmembers too…I just tested the Noble Helmet and all is fine for me with it.

  1. Trainman, how to get the Battle Cape? I saw some non-members has the Crown of Dragon King pin and that cape too!

  2. Train, I’m not sure if I found a bug, but when I try to pick up the Noble Helmet on my friend’s account (non-member) it says “Would you like to pick up Noble Helmet?” I click yes… Then it comes up with a bugged membership ad! It says stuff like we’d love to have you join %members only% etc, etc.
    P.S It’s not a normal membership ad, its in an orange box like in the error messages. IDK if this is just me though…. D:

  3. It’s ok now Train, I could pick it up for my friend now. I guess it was just a minor bug for the time being haha! Thanks for your help anyway :3

  4. If you beat Scorn u can do it again! U just click the statue on Misery Mountain where you battle Scorn himself

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