Club Penguin June 2012 Clothing Catalogue Items (Superhero Party?)

Here are the majority of the items Club Penguin plans to release in June. They are members only unless stated. It looks like there will indeed be a superhero party in June, although I don’t know if that is the exact name it will go by.

Body Items:

  • Hipster Threads for 475 coins
  • Gray Pinstripe Suit for 500 coins
  • Working Clothes for 450 coins
  • Business Dress for 500 coins
  • Reporter Outfit for 450 coins
  • Jock Jacket for 500 coins
  • Justice Suit for 550 coins
  • Fiendish Suit for 550 coins
  • Valiant Suit for 550 coins
  • Sinister Suit for 550 coins

Head Items:

  • The Chief for 300 coins
  • The Quarterback for 300 coins
  • The Pro for 300 coins
  • The Newsie for 250 coins
  • The Light for 450 coins
  • The Dark for 450 coins
  • The Reporter for 300 coins

Face Items:

  • Mask of Justice for 250 coins
  • Fiendish Mask for 250 coins
  • Valiant Mask for 250 coins
  • Sinister Mask for 250 coins

Neck Items:

  • Pauldrons of Justice for 300 coins
  • Fiendish Pauldrons for 300 coins
  • Feather Necklace for 150 coins
  • Video Camera for 350 coins

Feet Items:

  • Bad Boots for 275 coins
  • Boots of Justice for 275 coins


  • Bean Bag (free, for everyone. To be released May 31st)


  • Justice Background for 60 coins (for everyone)
  • Sinister Background for 60 coins (for everyone)

Also, Club Penguin made the coral reef for nonmembers instead of just members. This is the one:

6 thoughts on “Club Penguin June 2012 Clothing Catalogue Items (Superhero Party?)

  1. The play from squidzoid vs shadow guy and gamma gal may also return at the stage in June! more probably!
    The coral reef background could mean squidzoids HQ! Squids live in water right? the coral reef background could be a clue.
    Well, just my idea :)

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