Fifteen Items Are Missing From Club Penguin (All fixed!)

Update: After three separate updates, all fifteen are now back in the game.

For some reason when they updated last night, Club Penguin removed 15 previously released items from their database. This means they are missing from inventories! One of the items, the Fence Pin, is no longer in my inventory, as shown below:

The full list of the 15 items is as follows:

  • Celadon Alien Mask
  • Celadon Alien Costume
  • Scarlet Admiral Coat
  • Stealth Tracker
  • Fence Pin
  • 6th Year Anniversary Hat
  • Mime Beret
  • The Trapeze Artist
  • The Jingle Jangle
  • The Sundae Surprise
  • Alpine Helmet
  • The Rocket
  • Infrared Tracker
  • The Gnarly Helmet
  • The Flying Fishtail

This is a really dumb and highly unacceptable mistake on Club Penguin’s mistake. How do you accidentally remove so many items?

Also, it is worth noting that for the unlockable items (Celadon, etc) you can still unlock them, they are just not in your inventory.

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  1. I think I know what they might be doing! They could be updating the items, because the 6th year party hat doesnt look like the other ones, maybe they are changing that. Also they brought back Gary’s old player card!!!

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