One Of Our Two Paychecks Have Arrived!

Club Penguin has finally sent out pay checks for April 2012! However, so far we’ve only received the tour guide one. As far as I am aware nobody has gotten the Elite Penguin Force pay check.

As soon as the second one arrives I will update this post.

21 thoughts on “One Of Our Two Paychecks Have Arrived!

  1. hey,trainman.
    Happy77 answered on youtube to a comment about the release of Card Jij-itsu snow and happy answered back that the game is delayed ( they are still working on it and it would not be done intime ) just go and read that comment.


    • Hey Pingu Pingey,

      For now I can’t accept it and I’m sorry – the buddy list limit is 500 buddies and I’m at 499. If I accepted one more person, then I would not be able to receive requests. I hope you understand! If Club Penguin ever raises the limit I will definitely add you and everybody else. :)

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