6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Earth Day Party 2012 Login Screen & Plants At Snow Forts

    • Yes, cp already revealed how the rock-hopper penguin costume will look like, login on clubpenguin, then u open the clubpenguin times , then go to the page of Aunt Arctic, then click on the “Next page” button and then u should see Aunt Artcit at the recycly center/room and u can see that a rock-hopper penguin is throwing a hotsauce into a trashbag/can that Aunt artic is holding between her 2 flippers :)

  1. Cp already revealed how the rock-hopper penguin will look like on you’re penguin.
    I found a image of it in the new cp times i think :) but i now i saw it and it looks awesome :)

  2. I found the image of the Rock-hopper penguin , u can find this image at the Clubpenguin times ( go to Aunt Arctic continues ) there is Aunt arctic with a trashcan and the penguin is trowhing a hotsauce in the trashcan/bag.lol srr for my english but im dutch and my english is not perfect :) srr :)

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