Club Penguin Earth Day Party 2012 Cheats Theories

The Earth Day Party is just about 5 hours away! (as of posting this) Like usual I know what’s in store at this event through a series of exclusives and information Club Penguin gave the public.

Party room wise, this is what I know:

Snow Forts:

Close ups:

…and that’s about it room wise. :P

There will be four items for members and one for nonmembers. The African Painted Dog and Snow Leopard Costumes will be returning, but this year the items will cost 400 coins instead of 50. They are still for members. The new costumes, the Lion and Rock-hopper Penguin Costume, are also members only and will cost 400 coins each. This is what they look like:

Lion Costume:

Rock-hopper Costume:

The free item for everyone will be the Safari Helmet. Finally, Aunt Arctic is visiting and will most likely have the same background from the Holiday Party.

24 thoughts on “Club Penguin Earth Day Party 2012 Cheats Theories

  1. im waiting for Eric to post the same thing… if so can i permission to comment about how he keeps taking ur posts and doesnt give u credit XD jk

  2. When you first noticed the ‘rock-hopper costume’ in CP’s files, and posted about it, I thought they were making the mascot at first.. :P

  3. I’m starting to think seriously about quitting Club Penguin. Party after party they fail. Seriously Club Penguin, one room decorated? :(

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