Club Penguin BBC Newsround Video

Last week Club Penguin had a small segment on BBC’s Newsround. It is on their website, but you can only view it if you live in the United Kingdom. Luckily I managed to get a copy of it. You can watch the quick video below to catch a glimpse of their United Kingdom office. Some parts are staged/redone, as when going into the meeting room there is already a phone just laying on the couch.

What’s this?

13 thoughts on “Club Penguin BBC Newsround Video

  1. I think it’s a new style of the Player Card… See the new penguins face Happy77 and others ask us which one we liked better on the Testing site?

  2. Wait a minute, when I zoomed in (500%) it looked 3D ish….. They are probably making a new Disney Game! YAY! Train, do the same thing if you please and tell me what you think a game or a new player card for the Online game?

  3. I will credit you if I post this on my site! BTW, I changed my site name :) It is much better than the old one and the theme is cool :) Check it out ;) Thanks for the info from this post. XD

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