Reminder: Club Penguin’s Get Together In Parka Is TODAY!

It’s now over. I enjoyed talking to you all on Club Penguin! :)

As you might recall hearing and even watching, yesterday Club Penguin uploaded a quick new video blog by Bao, from the Australia Club Penguin Team. In it he invited us to a get together in the server Parka if you’re having Puffle problems, and it’s quite possible that the Puffle Handler will be showing up. *wink wink*

Now, just as a reminder this event is today, PST time. The details are the following, however they specified no room:

Server: Parka
Date: March 25th (or March 24th depending on your time zone)
Time: 11 AM AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time)
For PST, it’s March 24th at 5:00 PM. For EST, it’s March 24th at 8:00 PM. To make things easier I have embedded their Penguin Standard Time clock so you can keep track of the time, however due to a bug on Club Penguin’s end it is one hour off – you need to add an hour to the time. (so if it says 10:00, it’s really 11:00. The Snow Forts has the correct time if you are unsure)

Are you going to stop by? I’m definitely going to try. I wonder if Happy77 will show up? See you there!

29 thoughts on “Reminder: Club Penguin’s Get Together In Parka Is TODAY!

  1. woah ? 5 hours before it starts ? yeah that’s not a event for me =D then i will be ofline and Trainman please add me :)


    • I’ll see if I can, but it’s hard – my buddy list is at the 500 buddy limit and I have over 200 friend requests I wish I could accept.

  2. Wait, i think i might come to that cp parka get connected puffle event :D
    I think i will login on clubpenguin on my android phone :D i can play cp on my phone but it laggs allot in a crowed room but still its good enough ( for me ) to play cp :) but i can’t play cp games because they lagg allot :D

  3. trainman, about the april fools party, i don’t know if u am right but if u look at the new login screen ( u posted about it ) u will see a orange puffle with a verry long tonque and its like the old loading animation ( spinning around :D xd ) and i think that is another clue of the release of server jumping.

    and i didn’t get a friend request but it says that u are already my friend ? that’s weird and i am now on you’re chat ( mascot tracker page )

  4. trainman, srr but i am logged of and i wanna be in you’re tracking team :)
    So if i can help, and i saw u didn’t meet ph already , but its easy to find her.
    Today i found her in a French server called “Yeti” and it was not a bot , ph was controller by cp team member and she stayed in that server for 40 minutes =D i guesse 45 because she was already a few minutes in that server when i joined it , But still 40 minutes =D normally they stay in a server for 10-15 minutes so this is exeptionall ( i never say it before :) )

    PS : i checked my friendlist and yes im you’re friend but i didn’t get a friend request so i think that u have send me a friend request BUT because i already sond a friend request to u , the cp system must have AUTO accepted it.

    Have a nice day

    • That’s probably why it auto accepted, yeah. And actually, mascots are never a bot- it’s always a real person. As for the tracking team, stay tuned for info in a few days. ;)

  5. Trainman, i am going to be there at 8 tonight! Can you send me a freind request there? My penguin name is pinky86352. Hope to see you there!

  6. I went on, using my member penguin ( name is classified info ) and met ph :) at one point the ski village , puffle play zone (ski lodge) dock, ski hill and beach where all full

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