Club Penguin UK Video Blog: April Toy Special

Carol, a member of the Club Penguin UK team, is in a new video blog. She let us know that there’s a 25% discount off Club Penguin Merchandise in select stores throughout the UK from 21st March – 17th April. There’s also a free seven day membership thrown in.

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin UK Video Blog: April Toy Special

  1. How are they going to give you the membership? Are they like going into their files and add it in to every code?

    • They probably have printed out cards, each containing a unique code that they give you when you’re at the store purchasing the items.

  2. Yeah, Why Is Everything For The UK?
    It Really Suck’s That The UK Get’s It And Not Other Penguins?
    But Im Sure There Will Be Something For NorthAmerica :P

  3. Hopefully something like this comes for the US, in Toys r Us I keep seeing value bins with Old Club Penguin toys in them, but still costing $9.99.

    Do you know if Club Penguin has released Series 16 toys yet?

  4. Please disney. Stop marketing all your actual GOOD products solely to countries that aren’t even on the same CONTINENT as your HEADQUARTERS. We count as fans, too.

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