Club Penguin To Be Club Puffle During Puffle Party 2012?

Here’s a little interesting bit I was given by Superjd10 – there is a secret URL on Club Penguin’s website for testing services. It looks like Club Penguin’s regular website, just outdated. However, there was one new addition to the homepage. While I don’t know if it is indeed a future change (seems like it would be during the Puffle Party, however) they changed “Penguin” in Club Penguin to Puffle.

Just to keep it exclusive I blurred the subdomain of Club Penguin’s website out, although I’m sure at some point it’ll be leaked by another blogger. In the meantime, as people like to go…. FIRST!!!111 (although it’s already spreading, so I’m sure it’ll be found out by you guys elsewhere soon enough)

43 thoughts on “Club Penguin To Be Club Puffle During Puffle Party 2012?

  1. It could be for the Puffle Party or it could be a joke for the April Fool’s Day Party. I remember in CPIP during the April Fool’s Day Party we turned into green puffles, so that could be it, too!

  2. i don’t want to be a puffle i want to be myself there might be a free item in puffle party for us its not fair thats why we call it club penguin.

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