Club Penguin March 2012 Parent Update Newsletter

The Club Penguin Team has begun to send out a brand new Parent Update for the month of March! One thing that’s new is they are now promoting purchasing memberships at the bottom of the newsletter. This month it talks about Coins for Change, some minor Puffle Party spoilers, and also about offline activities.

Special thanks to Puppy Paws 3 for letting me use his image of the newsletter.

5 thoughts on “Club Penguin March 2012 Parent Update Newsletter

  1. $5? Do they even know anything about Club Penguin? You see, this is why I want to work for the Canada office – I can knock some sense into them.

    • Their whole marketing strategy is to say $5 a month because it’s only half truthful – if you purchase a 1 year membership it is $5 a month. Otherwise it’s $6-$8 a month depending on your plan.

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