Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Puffles

Happy77 has posted a brand new reviewed by you on Club Penguin’s Blog. Last time she asked us what our favourite part of Rockhopoer’s Quest is, and Skittlez527 said:

Hello, Rockhopper’s Quest was really fun. My favorite part of it was when all the penguins worked together to make the Migrator sail on the water. We got to throw our snowballs at the targets to work different parts of the ship like the fan or the rockets. We can all accomplish anything with teamwork. Good job penguins!

This week’s question is “what’s your favourite Puffle colour?” (Kind of ironic since that is my current poll question. Heh. We also got a pretty cool sneak peek iamge of the Puffle Party. We’ll be able to be a Puffle it seems. Remember those I posted about? (That, or she’s behind a decoration in the chair. We’ll find out soon enough)

The following page has been updated:

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