Disney Magazine Australia March 2012 Video

A brief new video has been uploaded to Club Penguin’s YouTube Channel. This time it features Kristina, a member of the Australia team. In it she talks about the Australia Disney Magazine containing some Club Penguin stuff in the March issue! It also comes with a few free things in addition to the magazine. You can check out the video blog below.

8 thoughts on “Disney Magazine Australia March 2012 Video

  1. My sister told me she saw a Get Connected for the Puffle Party yesterday. I didn’t see it…but now I want to.

    • I’m trying to find it on TV to record it and upload but I keep forgetting to check Disney Channel every 15 minutes for commercials.

  2. Good luck with that!
    On Disney channel in my country have no commercial of club penguin.
    But I have club penguin membership in my country.
    My full name is Harrypopins1. nice to meet you trainman1405.

  3. Do you know what kind of items you will unlock in the further magazines?

    And uh, you’re maybe wrong person to ask this but you came in my mind first so.. im from Finland and i just found out a site (newsstand.co.uk) and it looks like you can order the magazine from there for the next 20 months max.
    So what do you say: it is trustworthy to buy(order) there for like the next 6 month issues?

  4. I know this is already confirmed, but I was told (by my sister) penguins can be puffles…I don’t know if that means all penguins, or just some, but I’d assume all if they are making it ‘Club Puffle’. She told me that they ‘interview this guy’ and she wasn’t able to describe him… :P

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