Announcing: Club Penguin Memories Tracking Team!

Since first adding Club Penguin Trackers to the website last year, one thing I usually lack in is taking the time to actually track. I can and do track at times, but usually it’s hard to manage that and whatever else it is I’m working on between school and other internet projects. As per suggestions of others, it was suggested that I make a tracking team so others can update my trackers, too. So I’m going to do just that from the future. In addition to me being able to update it, you might have the chance to do so too! Simply fill out the form below, and I might pick you to be given access to the Club Penguin Memories tracker update page. A login for this website will need to be created, so make sure you put in your real email. If you have any questions just leave a comment.

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14 thoughts on “Announcing: Club Penguin Memories Tracking Team!

  1. Awesome! I suggested tracking workers awhile back, seems others did, too. I would sign up, but I have a ton of school and homework -_-

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