Club Penguin PH Mascot Messages – Puffle Party 2012

The Puffle Handler. Within the last month I’ve posted several exclusives – penguin ids, her items, and now her prewritten messages! That’s right! Last night Club Penguin updated their prewritten mascot messages file with stuff for PH. Based on what I see I think we’ll have a Puffle Feeding area and a Playzone. Be sure to use my Puffle Handler Tracker when she arrives. Here’s her messages:


Hi there!
Its great to see so many puffle fans!
Wow so many puffles!
Hey hows it going?
Welcome to the Puffle Party!
How is everyone and their puffles?

Puffle Feeding Related

Great puffle ya got there
Whats its name?
Great name
Good on ya!
Heres a treat for your puffle
one treat for your puffle…
…two for me!
eats puffle o
eats another puffle o
eats eleventeen puffle os
puffle os are DELICIOUS!
here try one!
yummy right?
ok suit yerself
more for me!
If you dont like puffle os, there’s always cookies!
you can find more treats in the Puffle Catalog at the Pet Shop
what does your puffle like best?
gives carrot
Puffle os?
gives puffle o
gives pizza
gives pizza
All this talk about puffle treats…
…its making me hungry for more puffle os!

Playzone Feeding Related

Here take this treat!
nice catch!
one treat for you…
…two for me!
puffle os are DELICIOUS!
want some more?
here u go!
yummy right?

Playzone Roleplay Related

you look familiar
do I know you from the wilds?
blows whistle
lets have a race
line up here puffles!
lets cool off in the pool
make sure not to run around the pool…
…I mean…
…dont bounce too fast
lets do some laps!
alright lets tackle this rock wall
it looks hard but it just takes practice
take it one rock at a time
dont look down!
well done!
you climbed up really fast
youve definitely got the hang of it
i need a coffee
have you ever tried Puffle Oberry coffee
its fantastic
perks you right up
lets make some
what else should we put in our coffee?
thats a great idea
mixes coffee
makes coffee
takes sip
oh! its too hot
ahh! its perfect
this coffee is ice cold!
i think i forgot to plug in the machine
who needs a new hair-do?
let me style your hair!
washes and conditions
brushes hair
makes into mohawk
makes into braids
makes into dreadlocks
colors red
colors black
colors hot pink
adds bow
adds bandana
adds hat
Ya look great!
whos next?
lets play PH says!
when I say ‘PH says’…
…you have to show me the emote I say
BUT if I don’t say PH says…
…don’t do anything!
PH says…
…show me hearts!
…show me coins!
…show me smiles!
…show me barf faces!
…show me cake!
…show me frowns!
…show me mad faces!
…show me moons!
…show me puffles!
AHA! I didn’t say ‘PH says’!
did I get you?
good job!
I didn’t fool you!
want to play again?
lets play again

Playzone Training Related

do u know any tricks?
lets see
good job mate!
can you do a trick for me?
Crikey! What a trick!
that deserves five puffle os!

Training Related

have u taught your pet any tricks?
what tricks does your puffle know?
that’s cool!
wow youre a puffle whisperer!
ive never seen that trick before!
ok try teaching your puffle to stay
all puffles know that trick
it worked
now you try!
whats your puffles favorite toy?
what about games?
your pet seems well behaved
youre a great puffle handler!
too right
whats your puffles favorite food?
I eat those too!

Puffle Trivia

wanna play a game?
ill describe a kind of puffle…
…and u say what it is!
ok try to guess
thats it!
youre right!
too right!
nice try
ooh close
good guess mate!
try again
this puffle loves inventing
its favorite toy is a rocket
we found it on the Wilderness Expedition
its the brown puffle!
this puffle is very loyal
everyone can adopt it
its favorite toy is a bouncy ball
its the blue puffle!
this puffle loves dancing
Cadence has one named Lolz!
its favorite toy is a disco ball
its the purple puffle!
this puffle is smaller than the others
but its very powerful!
it likes to ice skate
its the white puffle!
this puffle is very creative
its favorite game is DJ3K
it likes to paint
its the yellow puffle!
this puffle is silly
its favorite game is Jet Pack Adventure
it can ride a unicycle!
its the green puffle!
this puffle is very adventurous
Rockhopper says he discovered it
its favorite game is Catchin Waves
its the red puffle!
this puffle comes from the Box Dimension
it likes to chew on everything!
its the only puffle with buck teeth
its the orange puffle!
this puffle is intense
its favorite game is Cart Surfer
it LOVES hot sauce
its the black puffle!
this puffle is sporty
its a great swimmer
its favorite game is Aqua Grabbber
its the pink puffle!


this way puffles!
here puffles!
this way everyone
blows whistle
follow me
where do u want to go?
great idea
to the play zone!
to the lobby!
to the Pet Shop
to the Ski Village
come on everyone


would ya like to hear a story?
Ive got loads of stories about puffles!
alright Ill tell ya one
penguins and puffles listen up!
hey thanks for listening
so I had just become interested in puffles
and I decided to try and become one of them!
I made my own purple puffle costume!
it was amazing
I looked just like a purple puffle
so I went into the wilderness
and studied puffle civilization
I started eating o berries
they are definitely an acquired taste
I realized that puffles are similar to penguins
and that I really love o berries!
after a week I went back to my igloo
I kept learning about puffles
and eating o berries!
The End
would you like to hear another story?
I’ll tell you how I discovered brown puffles!
way back last year
i was searching the wilderness
when i came across a strange machine
so i started pressing buttons
and BOOM!
it started working!
it took me down to a secret beach
where i found a strange boat
it took me to a small undiscovered island
where i found a cave…
…FILLED with brown puffles!
i was so excited!
i had discovered a new puffle species!
The End


I keep puffle treats in my jacket
here take one!
all my gear is custom made
its super insulated
it keeps me warm in the wilderness
ive got all the pockets i need now
theres lots of puffles in the wild
oh all kinds
yep some of those!
some are ferocious!
some are sweet
some are shy…
…until they get to know you!
I like all puffles
I want to adopt em all!
Did u get my background?
Add me as your friend!
have u ever been to the wilds?
seen any puffles there?
what kinds?
id like to see a puffle like that!
what do ya think of my look?
my favorite games is Puffle Roundup!
I also like Puffle Rescue too.
my favorite color is brown
my favorite food is puffle os and o berries!
my favorite animal is a puffle!
I enjoy live music and checking out new bands
I like sketching, hiking, and training puffles
I really like to draw!”


alright mates ive got to go
im headed back to the wilds
keep exploring!
see you later!
the wilderness is calling for me!
thanks for training with me
take care and take care of your puffles!


Too right!
Give it a go!

Special thanks to Exclusivos CP for bringing this to my attention.

9 thoughts on “Club Penguin PH Mascot Messages – Puffle Party 2012

  1. What? No new puffles before the party? It appears most of the rooms are ones I won’t look forward to…man, if they want this party to be exciting, they need a new puffle. PH is cool, but seriously, a new puffle BEFORE the party, not after.

  2. Dude there’s no point in a new puffle there only exciting for 1 month, then its just another puffle.. Chill out I’m sure there will be a new one this year, and there are more rooms than that people just need to apreciate what they do for us and make it a fun experience!

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