One And A Half Unreleased Items

One and a half unreleased items? Huh? Yup! Club Penguin added a new unreleased item to their file called “Cheese”, most likely an unlockable of some sort. It’s listed as for everyone.

I said a half because while I was working on this post they added an item called “test”. I’m not kidding, take a look:

Basically they don’t have an official name for the item – so it’s just called test. Right now they’re probably working on stuff in their moderator servers. I really know nothing about this item.

18 thoughts on “One And A Half Unreleased Items

  1. Cool! I wonder what “cheese” is. A head item? Haha maybe it’s the cheesehead hat that Green Bay Packers fans were!


  2. Oh nice…Cheese, I need to unlock this whatever it is. Hope its a Body item XD, so I can advertise Cheese around the island XD.

  3. while i was searching mascots in the files i came across herbert p. bear esquire. I also found wheel bot, jet bot, snow bot and protobot. Last i found PH with gift ids. Mabey there are new mascots?

  4. sorry i left a few things out. Floors: maple hardwood for 620 coins, black and white tile for 510 coins, painted dance steps for 280 coins, dirt & leaves for 400 coins, blue turf for 530 coins, whirlpool for 750 coins, Cherry Hardwood for 620 coins, linoleum for 540 coins, sand floor for 400 coins, and sunny sky floor for 530 coins.

  5. I looked at it a bit in the files, and it is a pin. Judging from where it is placed, I assume it will be unlockable in the future – either from some exclusive code or from a future CP Magazine.

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