Club Penguin Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 Sneak Peek Video

As promised, a video sneak peek of Rockhopper’s Quest has been uploaded to Club Penguin’s official YouTube Channel by Happy77. Check out the first 30 seconds. After that the video will go black, but resumes at 0:57 with what I believe is Shipwreck Island. It’s pretty mysterious, eh? Check it out below.

I have not found any hidden video annotations in this video. If there is, I’ll be sure to post it.

6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 Sneak Peek Video

  1. Hey at :03-:04 u can see a free item(some kind of sailor hat) I think that is Shipwreck Island too, the entrance looks like the new igloo. This party looks so awesome! :)

  2. hi there :) When i looked at this sneak peek video i see allot of things.
    I saw the Free item ( that sailor hat ) , Shipwreck Island and at the end of the video Viking Island but where is Dinosaur island ?

  3. Hi there , its me agian and i think i found the “Dinosaur Island” ! :D
    Its at 10:11 in the video, when happy is walking on those stone stairway u can see in the background some lightnings and then u can see that island :D

  4. So, we can go to 3 different islands!! AWESOME! So, that means when we are done with one island we get back in the ship and go to another! :D

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