Club Penguin Fashion Show

The Fashion show is now at the Gift Shop! Be sure to take the time to put on your favourite outfit and walk down the runway. The camera will take your picture! Not only that, but if you sit over at the table you can control the runway. It’s pretty cool! Cadence is even in town for this event. This event is going on for 14 days.

Now, before you all get worked up – I don’t think this is the big party for this month. Do me a favour and reread this post – it says that this month we’ll be having the Rockhopper Quest.

There are also some Safe Chat messages for this event:

Club Penguin updated their homepage:

Finally, there are two new login screens.

The following pages have been updated:

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Fashion Show

  1. cool this is the first time there wil TWO club penguin parties in one month I LOVE CP! *rips off shirt and has another shirt on that says I HEART CP!!!*

    “Buddy i am the dragon warrior*

    Po From Kung Fu Panda

    • Actually every April there are two parties, the April fools and earth day. Every October also has 2 parties, tha anniversey and the Halloween parties.

  2. Actually, every October there is an anniversary part and a Halloween party. And last year, the fair lasted until October 5th or 6th, making October 2011 have 3 parties. This will not be the first time there will be 2 parties in one month.

  3. That’s is so not fun I hate that it has happened to me twice. It’s always two days for some reason. Wait your banned from electronics and you got on a electronic to type that message.

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