Capes Returning In March 2012 Clothing Catalogue

Some of you might remember this post from the beginning of this month. In it I listed all the items that will be in the March 2012 Clothing Catalogue, which will be released next Thursday.

Now, there will be many new capes in this catalogue. However, a few will be returning. Not only that, but the prices will be lowered to fit. The returning capes are:

  • Black Cape
  • Blue Cape
  • Pink Cape

They will now cost 200 coins instead of 550 coins to go along with all the Puffle colour related outfits. Other than that, today I have no unreleased things to post about as of now.

8 thoughts on “Capes Returning In March 2012 Clothing Catalogue

  1. but the yellow cape was a treasure book item for series 1. I highly doubt they would bring a treasure book exclusive to the penguin style.

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