Unreleased Items On Club Penguin

Just like usual, I have some information on Club Penguin and unreleased items. A few weeks ago I mentioned two unreleased unlockable items. They were:

  • The Trenchcoat Reporter
  • The Explorer Costume

While I do not know how to obtain them, they are released.

The Trenchcoat Reporter:

The Explorer Costume:

Second of all, Rookie’s new upcoming background has had a name change to “Rookie Anvil BG”.

There is now another new unreleased unlockable item. I do not know how to obtain it and because it’s unreleased there is no image of it I can get yet. It’s called the¬†Club Shirt (UK redemption shirt), so I’m assuming the code for it will be spread around the United Kingdom sometime soon.

Finally, there is one new pin listed, the Camera Pin.

24 thoughts on “Unreleased Items On Club Penguin

  1. when the code for the club shirt comes out will you post it for us? my cousin lives in the UK and his town isnt doing too well so id like to wear it to support my cousins over there

  2. The Club Shirt isn’t released yet cause it doesn’t have an image. Maybe later or next week It’ll be released. You can check the new green safari too is so cool.

    • I didn’t actually get them from the link. I had the actual SWFs, hence why I said “if you want pictures let me know and I’ll edit them in” – I had them on hand but didn’t know if you or others wanted to actually see them.

  3. Well this is disappointing…I was hoping the trenchcoat reporter would be the Trenchcoat from the plays. Now with a pink turtleneck, looks like I wont be unlocking this one.

    Anyway, my guess is that CP is getting ready to release a Aunt Artic PLush for Series 16, and getting her code will unlock the Trenchcoat Reporter.

  4. hey train idk if this is working for you but when i go to club penguin instead of the penguin icon in the url i see a water drop.just wanted u to tell u that

    • by the way u know the jackets right the one u pick colors?well right now i see a penguin with a blue jackets but with water drops ill send u the picture

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