Club Penguin Underwater Expedition 2012 To Have Maze & Atlantis

Hey Yackydo – your prediction that you commented yesterday is actually correct! While on Club Penguin’s new party banner (released late at night) it does say there is a maze, it wasn’t in depth. Now I know some more!

I did a quick search this morning in Club Penguin’s files like I do almost every day, and I noticed they were updated for the Underwater Expedition. Here’s what I saw:

There are actually six rooms for the maze. The final room is Atlantis.

All the rooms require you to wear the item id of 4518, which is the Submarine Suit. However, that item is members only. Because all the rooms require you to be wearing that members only item, I don’t know what will be done with that. Two of the maze rooms (the first one and the one before the Atlantis room) are marked as for everyone. Only time will tell – two weeks to go! One small other thing is the Maze Rooms will have brand new music in the room. So will the Atlantis room.

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  1. Well I know how he finds the future pins.. He takes the ID of the current pin, then he tries #’s that keep going up and higher.

    • They’re listed in CP’s files. I don’t need to use a trainer or anything to enter the ID and figure out the name.

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