Series 15 Treasure Book Released On Club Penguin

Unexpectedly Club Penguin updated the Treasure Book with tons of brand new items! These includes items I previously posted about. Here’s one of the pages of new items:

There’s a total of four brand new pages with each one containing quite a few items. Which is your favorite? Are you going to unlock any?

The following pages have been updated:

7 thoughts on “Series 15 Treasure Book Released On Club Penguin

  1. Just got the Dragon, Sea Snail, Black Scuba gear, Bunny Costume, Lederhosen Hair. Next im getting the kilt, Blue Shipshape outfit and the Country Jester Oufit! Loving them all to. Plus i have an extra frankenpuffle code lying round. WHEN WILL YOU ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS? ITS BEEN 2 WEEKS!

  2. I know how to get the code, you go shopping in Walmart or The Reject Shop to buy toys (sensei squidzoid Herbert yeti aunt artic puffles or any other character from Club Penguin)

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