Rock-a-bye Herbert Club Penguin Video

Here is a really strange (but cool) video Club Penguin just uploaded to their YouTube Channel. As you might recall, back in August of 2011 during the Great Snow Race the Elite Penguin Force had an event going on called Operation Hibernation, which put Herbert to sleep. He’s been asleep in his cave ever since then. Based upon the lullaby in the video, I doubt he’ll be sleeping much longer. After all, about a minute into the video the lyrics go “If the cold ends then you will wake. But that will not happen unless by mistake…” and then you see him in the water…

After that, you see this:

Could this be related to Rookie’s Red Alert EPF Message that was accidentally released last Thursday?

Full lyrics:

Rock-a-bye Herbert
Five months asleep

When you are cold
You sleep extra deep

If the cold ends
Then you will awake

But that will not happen
Unless by mistake…

15 thoughts on “Rock-a-bye Herbert Club Penguin Video

  1. This —> Rookie will tip the island, witch will cause Herberts cage to tip aswell witch will wake herbert up. and he’ll attack´╗┐ again in may at the Operation: Black Out.

  2. Nyan PUFFLE in BG at 0:52 xD! Also, I think at both EPF events in 2011, they way they drew Herbert was quite odd. He lost weight. :P

  3. Notice how the EPF agent badge at the end is slightly tilted to the left? Hmm why the heck is everything tilting? And I hope we get to see what’s under the iceberg.. My guess it’s crabs.. Or nothing?

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