Club Penguin January 2012 Penguin Style Video

Not too long ago, a video was tweeted on Club Penguin’s official Twitter account. The video is actually from their YouTube Channel and features Happy77 showing off the upcoming clothing catalog. Watch it below, then read on.

The video starts off with Happy77 logging into Club Penguin. She’s then in the Gift Shop. We see the cover of the catalog, which has a pretty nice new look.

The colors page is slightly modified:

Here is the background page:

Here’s the first page of outfits. The catalog now states “New Arrivals” and shows what the outfit looks like on a penguin.

Here is the second page. We see more unreleased items including what’s on Club Penguin’s Homepage.

When Happy77 goes to her inventory we see some neck items.

Another thing – she can earn up to 311 stamps! We can’t do that…

We see the Town, which has a tilt to it. There’s also a sign…

The video then cuts off.

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    • Yeah. :P It was late and I was on my iPod. I noticed it when I was posting it but wasn’t going to fix it until now.

  1. Thanks For Telling Me XD But How Did U Get The New Catolog ?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!XD Really Please Tell Me On Commments
    Thnx -Penguin Emily7859

  2. guys klutsy tilted club penguin because remember he escaped during the great snow race.cant wait for the party:D

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