Club Penguin Three Unreleased Items

Club Penguin has updated their item file adding three new clothing items. They are all listed as free and for everybody. They are:

  • Green Safari Outfit
  • Reporter Jacket
  • Court Jester Outfit

The Court Jester Outfit appears to be different than the Court Jester body item we already have. I do not have pictures of these items.

13 thoughts on “Club Penguin Three Unreleased Items

  1. Cool. The Court Jester Outfit is for the April Fools Party.
    The Reporter Jacket, for, well, I don’t know.
    And the Green Safari Outfit for the quest in January.

    I think. :P

  2. As long as Golden Puffle doesn’t win again for the THIRD time in a row, I’ll be looking forward to the return of the PPA’s.

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