Rockhopper’s December 2011 Visit (Catalog & More!)

Since leaving the island after the end of The Fair, Rockhopper is back on the Club Penguin Island once again! Every year he visits in December to help out with Coins For Change and party with all the penguins during the Holiday Party. Anyway, here is his catalog for this visit:

There are two hidden items!

Click the house on the Build Safe Places T-Shirt for the Coins For Change Banner, which costs 100 coins each.

Click the word “rare” in Rockhopper’s Rare items for the CFC Paper Chain, which costs 75 coins each.

All of the items are:

  • Globe Hat (free)
  • Build Safe Places T-Shirt for 100 coins
  • Protect The Earth T-Shirt for 100 coins
  • Provide Medical Help T-Shirt for 100 coins
  • CFC Beanbag Chair for 200 coins each
  • Coins For Change Background for 60 coins

Here is Rockhopper’s notice board:

  • Avast! Beat last year’s Coins For Change goal!
  • Bake me some stARR cookies
  • Roast some tasty fish with me mateys

Like usual you can play Treasure Hunt. It is the special edition due to the holidays. One thing I noticed is Club Penguin recently fixed it so you can’t waddle around (or talk) while playing Find Four anymore, however you can still do this while playing Treasure Hunt.

The following pages have been updated:

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