Nonmembers Can Play Card-Jitsu Fire & Water Bug

Update:¬†Club Penguin fixed it…that was fast! It’s funny how they’ll fix things like this but not other bugs…

Note: This is cross posted on my other website, Club Penguin Bugs.

Here’s a pretty cool bug Saraapril and her brother noticed today – nonmembers can play Card-Jitsu Fire and Water again! It was supposed to only be during the Card-Jitsu Party, but that ended almost a month ago! Simply go on your nonmembers penguin and access the Water Dojo or Fire Dojo via the tiles at the Dojo Courtyard (click on them) or go to the Ninja Hideout and enter the wanted Dojo that way.

As you can see, another penguin I own, Pinguiny, is in the Water Dojo:

When you first play a match you’ll get this popup. Simply click yes and the game will start.

Have fun, and be sure to take advantage of it while it lasts!

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  1. Did you notice that you can still send out the Featured Postcards for Christmas? I don’t know if it’s considered a bug or not, though…

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