Club Penguin Unreleased Items – January 2012 Penguin Style & More

Thanks to Sadas reminding me, I checked Club Penguin’s files and saw they has a TON of all new unreleased items added! All of the items listed are for members EXCEPT the two backgrounds and the pin. There’s also some weirdly named items that you’ll see throughout the list. Maybe it’s custom items? (Like custom T-Shirts but other clothing articles)

Here’s all the items.

Head Items:

  • Tallest Haircut for 350 coins
  • The Sweet Knot for 350 coins
  • The Classic for 400 coins

Face Items:

  • Blue Aviator Shades for 200 coins
  • Blue Starglasses for 200 coins

Neck Items:

  • Magenta Scarf for 300 coins
  • Bronze Music Note Necklace for 350 coins
  • Blue Scuba Tank for 400 coins

Body Items:

  • Hip Red Jacket for 450 coins
  • Pink Silk Blouse for 450 coins
  • Green Grid Hoodie for 450 coins
  • Marine Vest Outfit for 450 coins
  • Blue Surf Shorts for 350 coins
  • Pink Stripe Bikini for 350 coins
  • Black – CP Splat for 400 coins
  • Black – Paint Splatter for 400 coins
  • Black – Gradient for 400 coins
  • Black – Stars for 400 coins
  • Black – Snowboard for 400 coins
  • White – CP Splat for 400 coins
  • White – Paint Splatter for 400 coins
  • White – Gradient for 400 coins
  • White – Stars for 400 coins
  • White – Snowboard for 400 coins
  • Green – CP Splat for 400 coins
  • Green – Paint Splatter for 400 coins
  • Green – Gradient for 400 coins
  • Green – Stars for 400 coins
  • Green – Snowboard for 400 coins
  • Blue – CP Splat for 400 coins
  • Blue – Paint Splatter for 400 coins
  • Blue – Gradient for 400 coins
  • Blue – Stars for 400 coins
  • Blue – Snowboard for 400 coins
  • Pink – CP Splat for 400 coins
  • Pink – Paint Splatter for 400 coins
  • Pink – Gradient for 400 coins
  • Pink – Stars for 400 coins
  • Pink – Snowboard for 400 coins

Hand Items:

  • Green MP3000 for 500 coins
  • Blue Water Bottle for 200 coins

Feet Items:

  • Magenta Sandals for 150 coins
  • White Sandals for 150 coins


  • In The Deep Background for 60 coins
  • Beach Day Background for 60 coins


  • Conch Shell Pin (free)

These items are all members only and listed as free:

Head Items:

  • R – Country Jester Hat
  • R – The Highlander
  • R – The Curly Lochs
  • R – The Ocean Sunset
  • R – The Corsair
  • R – The Blue Shipshape
  • R – Rainbow Puffle Toque

Body Items:

  • R – Loch Ness Costume
  • R – Country Jester
  • R – Emerald Kilt
  • R – Shamrock Skirt
  • R – Blueberry Bunny Costume
  • R – Ocean Bloom Mermaid
  • R – Sea Snail
  • R – Deep Diver Suit
  • R – Blue Buccaneer Dress
  • R – Helmsman Vest
  • R – Orange Pufflemania Jacket

Hand Items:

  • R – Country Jester Staff

Feet Items:

  • R – Black Flippers

27 thoughts on “Club Penguin Unreleased Items – January 2012 Penguin Style & More

  1. I saw this too , I think the free members items will be changed to non-member in the future (like the christmas pins & backgrounds were for members but now they were changed) because they have the ID of unlockable items. I wonder what the ‘R’ stands for.

  2. Weird, I had been predicting for a while that an Ocean Expedition would be their next expedition..o.o

    Also, the R items appear to be Treasure Book exclusives.

    • They aren’t listed as exclusive though, they’re just nested there. Why would treasure book items be members only? It doesn’t make sense.

  3. hmmmmm… something to do with the ocean. Ocean quest or party?
    Or… Maybe even a quest to the lake on the map (in the middle of some trees) that I asked CP to do in January!
    I highly doubt it though.

  4. Yay everything makes senses!
    Some items are listed for January( like shells, sandals, shorts and stuba tank) The submarine Party will be back at January 2012.Amazing
    Febraury some items listed as Puffle for Puffle Party 2012.
    March some items listed like Shamrocks and Bunnies are for St Patrick’s Day and also some items listed like Jesters are for April Fools Party 2012.

  5. Hmm sounds ‘fishy’ :P (pun intended) January isn’t an exciting month on the game, I was more hoping for Card Jitsu Snow but I predict Underwater Party will be back next month!

  6. Hmm… Where do you find these files on CP? Please tell me… P.S I reached the last page on your blog but it was actually the first page :/ I can’t see anymore of your posts after 7 are on the main page.

  7. It would great if after five years they had another Luau or something… I’m getting bored of these annual parties such as Puffle Party and Earth Day. They said the PPA’s were annual, but they can’t be anymore.. >:I Maybe CP wants to premote the fact that they want summer in January? I dunno. Guess we shall see…

  8. I just thought of something… notice the ‘Curly Lochs and Lochness Costume’. I don’t know if they’re Treasure Book or not, but maybe, since their office is in Canada, they’re trying to promote Ogopogo? Lol.

  9. Hey guys, anyone know when the Loch Curls get released, cuz their extremely popuular!!!!


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