Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Cheats Theories

With the Holiday Party under two days away, I figured now would be a good time to round up all the information about the Holiday Party 2011 as well as talking about what I expect to be at the party. Just like many of my other posts this contains a lot of spoilers, so if you want to read everything you’ll have to click to read more below. This post also covers Coins For Change 2011, the fifth year of Coins For Change in the snowy virtual world known as Club Penguin.

Just about everything is already known about the Holiday Party – what the rooms will look like, what items will be given out, etc. We just need to experience it. Back in the end of November the parties rooms were found over on Disney’s website. I’m not going to show what all the rooms look like again, so if you’re interested in seeing them all then click here. Below I’ll be focusing on some of the party rooms.

Staring with the Town, it’s one of the most changed rooms. If you were brand new to Club Penguin you probably wouldn’t even recognize it as the Town! The whole room has gotten a COMPLETE transformation. You can also see the signs for Santa’s Sleigh Ride and what is most likely the Bakery in the bottom left and right corners.

Compare it to last year’s and you’ll see what I mean.

The Plaza has also been given an overhaul that matches the updated Town look:

As you can see, the Stage play will be called A Humbug Holiday. More on that is below.

Santa’s Sleigh Ride is returning. Instead of one free item, you can get three! Just like in the past I’m assuming it is members only. To get the different items you’ll have to successfully complete the task three different times.

The Bakery is an all new addition this year. This I know is members only. Penguins can get the free Cookie Serving Apron. This apron will also do a special dance. At the end of the Bakery you can pick up a Deluxe Gingerbread Igloo. According to Club Penguin’s files it will be free! I do have a little information about this room – “At the Bakery members will attend a special activity to climb platforms and connect the machines to make bread. By connecting them, targets will appear After hitting the target, the equipment will start working and make cookies.”

Another new change this year is the Forest – every day you can get a new free item! From the way it’s been conveyed by Club Penguin nonmembers will be able to get the items, too. I don’t really know what the items will be as all the unreleased free items are listed as members only. This might change. Honestly I have no clue. I’ll list all the unreleased items again below. Items will mainly include pins, backgrounds, head items, and even a body item on the 25th day!

Other small notable room changes:

  • The Beach now has a small stage instead of a billboard
  • The Dance Club is mostly redone
  • The decorations at the Dock are slightly modified
  • Snow Forts has a pretty new look
  • Plaza overhauled to look similar to the Town

Here’s the Humbug Holiday Stage. The items for the play are listed down more.

Before I move onto the items and everything else, I wanted to briefly talk about Coins For Change. Club Penguin is going to double their donation to $2 Million if they fill the Lighthouse, which I already know they will do. Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic will be visiting during Coins For Change, so be sure to use my trackers! As far as I am aware they will not have a new background, but that can easily change last minute. I know there will be at least one new stamp, Epic Volunteer, which is unlocked by donating at least 10,000 coins. I do not have a picture expect where  it will be in stamp books:

Finally, as promised, here are all the unreleased clothing and furniture items we will probably end up seeing being released. Remember, CFC stands for Coins For Change.

  • Springy Santa Hat
  • CFC Cap
  • The Jungle Bell
  • The Tree Topper
  • The Hornament Hat
  • The Jingle Bell

Neck item (members only):

  • Burly Beard (150 coins) (probably from Rockhopper)

Body Items: (They’re all currently members only. The Ghost of X ones are most likely for A Humbug Holiday)

  • Ghost of Yesterday for 350 coins
  • Ghost of Today for 450 coins
  • Ghost of Tomorrow for 400 coins
  • Cranberry Decoration for 0 coins (free)
  • Gold Decoration for 0 coins (free)
  • Evergreen Decoration for 0 coins (free)
  • Cookie Serving Apron for 0 coins (free)
  • Gingerbread Cookie Costume for 0 coins (free)

Hand Item (members only, probably in A Humbug Holiday)

  • Iron Lantern for 150 coins

Pins: (The Reindeer Pin will be hidden at the Pizza Parlor)

  • Reindeer Pin
  • Milk ‘N Cookies Pin
  • Holiday Stocking Pin
  • Candy Cane Duo Pin
  • CFC 2011 Pin

Backgrounds: (Currently all listed as members only for some reason, but it will most likely change)

  • Balcony Background for 60 coins (in A Humbug Holiday)
  • Santa Seat Background for 0 coins (free)
  • Holiday Tree Background for 0 coins (free)
  • North Pole Background for 0 coins (free)
  • Holiday Magic Background for 0 coins (free)
  • Sweet Treat Background for 0 coins (free)

That’s it for the Holiday Party and Coins For Change. Along with the other updates there will be new furniture items, which are:

Floor items:

  • Gingerbread Couch for 400 coins
  • Gingerbread Chair for 350 coins
  • Gumdrop Tree for 120 coins
  • Gingerbread Man for 250 coins
  • Swirly Lollipop for 75 coins
  • Festive Coffee Table for 300 coins
  • CFC Beanbag Chair for 200 coins

Wall items:

  • Jujubes for 50 coins
  • Icing Decorations for 30 coins
  • Holiday Star Decoration for 150 coins
  • Holiday Tree Decoration for 150 coins
  • Cozy Fireplace for 700 coins
  • CFC Paper Chain for 75 coins

Here’s the images of the Gingerbread Furniture:

Gingerbread Couch:

Gingerbread Chair:

Gingerbread Man:

That wraps everything up! Other updates will include the postcard catalog being updated, a new newspaper, and most likely a new field ops mission and igloo music. The Holiday Party will last two weeks between December 14th and December 28th.

Now if you’re interested, you can view the past Christmas & Holiday Parties with the links below:

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  1. This party has EVERYTHING basically a whole MONTH has! All on an early wednesday update! On top the over hauls and items, can’t wait for tomorrow at 5 am I’m getting up early so I have time to check out everything before school… There most likely wont be enough time cause there’s just SO much being released!! Thanks train for the brief refresh of what to expect! And somewhere in the article you misspelled apron, you put April!

  2. Hey trainman from what i found,(and bear with me this is only my prediction) the bakery will be open to both members and nonmembers. Both will be able to go from the toy workshop(dance lounge) into the seats area of the bakery(front part closest to the chat bar/bottom of the screen) but only members will be able to go into the staff only area(where all to baking happens and the free apron is).

  3. wow it looks amazing i just wish they would keep the sky clear and blue and maybe have a light snow fall but still it looks amazing! i cant wait for the party tomorrow

    • You will have to wait until the 25th of December, then you can get it from The Countdown Calender. You might have seen some penguins wearing it, they have got it by cheating or breaking the rules, you will get banned if you do this. It is not advised to try and get this item before the 25th of December. Hope this helps, Helper Penguin.

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